Heavy rains and flooding across the Lake Area over the weekend have a number of area low water crossings closed…

“The only place were aware of that is actually damaged right now is Deane’s Creek low water crossing…..which is out towards Richland. Everywhere else the water’s still up and we really can’t see if there is any damage.”

Camden County Road and Bridge Administrator Patrick Wolf says the slab on Route C wasn’t the only place they’re concerned about….

“Well the Whistles has historically always washed out when it floods out there….and what we call “Wand’s Slab” which is out by Coffee Hollows, about the same way…..they usually just wash the ends out of the water crossings and it usually takes us just a few days to put those roads back together.”

The whistle bridge is located near Tunnel Dam while Coffey Hollow is near Macks Creek.

Wolf says they expect to get to fixing the Deane’s Creek crossing on Tuesday.

There are plans in the works to upgrade that crossing, so future flooding issues do not result in a total washout.

“We actually had an engineer go out with us and take a look at it. We got an idea of what we want to do to fix it….but the other locations…I mean the Whistles, it’s just out of control. I don’t know if there is ever going to be anything we’ll be able to do with it.”

If damage is found at the other locations, Wolf expects to get out and work on the area as fast as possible…all weather permitting.


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