Houseboat Rentals : Vacations From Your Own Back Yard

If you’re the type that prefers the excitement of ongoing variety, then booking a mainstream vacation may not be for you. Among the many options from which there are to choose, houseboat vacations offer a non-stop, fun-in-the-sun experience which little else can parallel. Perhaps the biggest perk of these floating homes is that if you get tired of your surroundings, you can simply move on to another port and enjoy a new facet of your trip – which equates to a bunch of mini-vacations all within one package.
Houseboat Vacation Websites

• – Based in British Columbia, these folks provide vacation packages that allow guests to explore the breathtaking scenery of the Shuswap Lake. The lake’s claim to fame is that it offers boaters the opportunity to view sights that are only visible from certain parts of this H-shaped body of water. Complete with a thunderous waterfall, majestic mountains and crystal waters, a Shuswap Lake vacation combines the excitement and serenity of a top-notch holiday on the water.

• – Inviting travellers to choose from a number of models and destinations, this vacation merchant also offers summer specials to those who visit the website and book during certain times of the season. Whether you’re looking for a basic model or something in the line of luxury, you’re sure to find it here. Choose from among 11 outstanding destinations, including Lake Don Pedro, Lake Mead, Lake Powell and Lake of the Ozarks.

• – Explore the Minnesota wilderness from a top-of-the-line houseboat as you follow the routes of fur traders, Indians and voyageurs of old. Swimming, fishing – and a soak in the hot tub – await you when you book your vacation with this Crane Lake, Minnesota rental facility. Choose from among a wide variety of models, from basic to deluxe, and get ready to witness the astounding beauty of towering pines, perennial gardens and immaculate waters.
Luxury Houseboats

• – Whether you prefer the sunny west coast of California or the tropical climes of Florida, you can enjoy your vacation in a state-of-the-art luxury Starlite Houseboat, provided by the folks at Waterway Rentals. With the ability to accommodate up to 10 people, these rentals will allow you to go cruising up and down the coastline in style. Amenities include a Bose Home Theater, two full baths, hot tub, digital depth finder, central heat and air conditioning, separate dining room, full size range, microwave, dishwasher and refrigerator/ice maker, king and queen size beds, 4 sun lounges, and a built-in entertainment center, as well as nearly two dozen others.

• – Offering four different California locations, including Lake McClure Marinas, Shasta Lake Resorts, New Melones Lake Marina and Herman & Helen’s Marina on the Delta, these vacation packages will have you enjoying lots of local activities when you’re not on board one of the most luxurious houseboats on the west coast. These top-of-the-line vessels include amenities such as a surround sound entertainment system, hot tub, a plethora of modern appliances, heat and air conditioning systems, a richly appointed interior – and even a slide built onto the outside deck, so that swimmers can swoosh into the water at top speed. Accommodating up to 15 guests – and pets! – you’ll be able to enjoy wakeboarding, fishing and water-skiing, as well as a spacious patio for those moments when you need a bit of R&R.

If you don’t know where to stay when you book your next vacation, consider a houseboat. For about the same price as a hotel, you can enjoy the many benefits of travel on one of these spacious vessels – including the privacy that you often have to forfeit when staying in more traditional lodgings.

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