If you’re craving a southern Florida aesthetic and Far East flavor, you can find it in the heart of the Midwest at Backwater Jack’s. The atmosphere attracts locals and vacation-visitors alike, and while Backwater’s draw for many is its “pool party” atmosphere, this place has legit good food.

Backwater Jack's - Pool & Outside Dining Area

Next to the main restaurant, stroll over to Backwater Jack’s Sushi & Asian Grill: their array of sushi and Asian cuisines add flavor and spice to an afternoon or evening poolside.

Backwater Jack's - 3 Asian Dishes To Love

Here are a few things to order next time you go…


Burning Lips

Backwater Jack's - Burning Lips (Edamame)

Not your standard edamame. With a spicy sauce coating the pod, the beans end up grabbing some of that tasty burn. This is a great option for those looking to get some greens in for the day. With a little bit of spice, this starter pairs well with any entree!

Bao Nashville Hot Chicken

Backwater Jack's - Bao Nashville Hot Chicken

If you’re in the mood for some spicy dishes, the Bao Nashville Hot Chicken will satisfy. Small chunks of saucy Nashville chicken mixed with spiced ginger coleslaw, all sitting on top of a steamed bun: this dish is a flawless mixture of textures! A combination of an American and Asian dish, this one is certainly a favorite. 

Sin City

Backwater Jack's - Sin City

This sushi roll filled with crab, cream cheese, fried tempura and spicy tuna is deep fried to perfection. Crab mix and a wonton chip tops it all off, giving that perfect balance of both soft and crunchy with the right amount of spice to it. With every bite you can get a new texture, flavor and spice level!

Prince Ali

Backwater Jack's - Prince Ali

Newer to the menu, the Prince Ali is a challenge to fit all in one bite! This roll is topped with a rich, thick cut of raw tuna with shrimp tempura and crab mix underneath. It gives a slow, pleasant burn of spice along with a crunch of fried shrimp. If you’re a raw-sushi type, you have to try the Prince Ali.

Backwater Jack's - Double Crunch Shrimp

Double Crunch Shrimp

Even sushi lightweights will keep coming back to this one! The soft texture with the crunch of spinach tempura flakes on top of the shrimp tempura, cream cheese, and crab mix is a staple for any sushi night. Drizzled in teriyaki sauce and wasabi aioli, the flavors mix just right to bring the whole roll together. 

Backwater Jack's - BWJ Nachos

BWJ Nachos

This mountain of nachos was designed for the hungry. Thick and crispy wonton chips topped with grilled chicken, mozzarella and pepper jack cheese, salsa, house pickled jalapeño, and black bean aioli won’t leave you disappointed. This dish is perfect for anyone wanting a little spice, but nothing overwhelming.

Backwater Jack's - A Feast For A Saturday

Head to Backwater Jack’s at the 17.5 Mile Marker, or check out the menu online before you go, at BackwaterJacks.com.

Backwater Jack's - Pool

Backwater Jack's - T-Shirt Shop


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