RV Trade Shows

RV manufacturers, retailers, and dealers make up a large industry segment. Dealers and retailers are probably the people ultimately accountable for selling most RV products to customers and for conversing the features and advantages of a variety of RV’s, services, components, and accessories. This is the major reason that drives participation in one of the best advertising and selling approaches – the RV trade shows.

There is always something for every visitor at RV trade shows, from the makes and models of RV displays, conversion vans, travel trailers, pop-ups, motorhomes, and truck capers, to RV accessories, publications, campground information, publications, and even an occasional RV lifestyle seminar in big RV trade shows.

One can find RV trade shows in just about each state, however, some of the biggest RV trade shows in the United States are that of Harrisburg, Tampa, and California.

Harrisburg RV Show
The trade show is one of the largest RV trade shows and where one can find various makes and models of RV display, truck campers, travel trailers, and a lot more, plus fun with Dixieland bands, clowns, free seminars by Gaylord Maxwell, and hundreds of rigs without hookups for a free overnight RV parking.

Tampa RV Show
The shows features a four-night “Super Rally” of camping on the grounds of the trade show including nightly entertainment, electricity, and five days admittance to the RV show for a low price. The show also includes highlights on the latest RV products and accessories, a wide collection of fifth-wheel travel trailers, motorhomes, tent campers, bus conversions, van conversions, and travel trailers.

California RV Show
The show is one of the biggest annual RV trade shows, with more than two-hundred exhibitors showcasing the newest RV’s such as nearly two-thousand motorhomes, folding campers, trailers, truck campers, accessories, and products. It gets bigger and better every year, with special highlights also on daily seminars for customers to learn more about ownership and lifestyle. The show also features on-site radio broadcasts, sweepstakes with RV as a grand prize, and live entertainment.

RV trade shows give consumers an opportunity to see various RV makes and models at one time and in one place, which is a better way for customers to make comparisons, and meet RV dealers and other experts that can help them find the right RV. This approach has been proven effective as a sales and marketing strategy that boosts sales for the industry.

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