Put it on your “must do” list next time you’re looking for fun at Lake of the Ozarks. Lake Escape brings mind-bending puzzles and pulse-pounding fun to the Bagnell Dam Strip, in Lake Ozark. Perfect for families, friends or even work groups, an escape room at Lake Escape is an exhilarating adventure for anyone.

If you’ve never tried an escape room, this is the perfect way to begin. The Lake’s first-and-only, and easily one of Missouri’s top-tier escape rooms, Lake Escape offers four different mystery experiences, ranging from 4/10 difficulty to a whopping 10/10 difficulty. The rooms cycle out periodically so if you’re an escape room junkie and go through all four, there’ll be more in the near future! They also offer a mobile unit to bring an escape room to you!

The Lake Expo crew tried out Lake Escape’s newest room, the new Midnight On The Bayou room. The background story: a Voodoo witch has cursed the room you’re trapped in and the team has an hour to crack the mystery and lift the curse.

When we walk in, there’s a collective gasp. The room is exhaustively detailed with a Voodoo vibe and creepy elements: it really looks like we’ve been transported to a haunted shack in the bayou. We enter with high hopes of completing the room… but the curse isn’t easily broken.

The LakeExpo Crew at Lake Escape

This was my first escape room and the experience is wonderfully interactive, with hidden compartments flipping open and lights flickering as we unlock doors. We slowly make our way through different puzzles, but by the 30-minute mark, I’m pacing the room holding a brass cryptex, frantically searching out a six-digit code somewhere in the room to open the infuriating thing. But even the frustration is a thrill, because when our team finally finds the answer to the riddle, it couldn’t be more satisfying.

As our clock inched toward zero, our teamwork grows more focused, even as we grow more frantic. It’s like a team sport for our brains as we work our way through word puzzles, image locks and discovering secrets all through the room.

Our five-man team (Lake Escape recommends team sizes between 3 and 8) tried our best for the hour, but alas! we didn’t quite make it. However, we left Lake Escape with a kind of mental buzz that we talked about for hours. Anyways, the loss just made me want to try another one. After such a steep challenge, I know a win would be exhilarating… and even another loss would still be great fun!

So if you’ve got a passion for puzzles or are just looking for something new to do on a rainy day, Lake Escape is a great choice. And maybe a wiser reader would be able to do what Lake Expo couldn’t and beat Midnight On The Bayou! Come to Lake Escape and try it.

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