Nestled in the heart of Missouri, Lake of the Ozarks stands as a beacon for RV campers seeking both adventure and tranquility. This picturesque destination, known for its stunning scenery and an array of outdoor activities, offers an unparalleled camping experience. In this blog, we’ll explore why Lake of the Ozarks is arguably the best place to camp in an RV, and through images, you’ll see just how breathtaking this location truly is.

1. Scenic Beauty

The first and foremost attraction of Lake of the Ozarks is its natural beauty. The lake, with its serpentine shape, stretches across the landscape, offering stunning waterfront views. The surrounding areas, with lush forests and rolling hills, provide a perfect backdrop for a peaceful retreat. RV campers can wake up to the soothing sounds of nature and enjoy their morning coffee with a view of the sun rising over the water.

2. Ample Campsites

One of the significant advantages of RV camping at Lake of the Ozarks is the abundance of campsites available. These sites cater to all preferences, whether you’re looking for a full-service RV resort with all the amenities or a more secluded spot closer to nature. Many campsites are located right by the water, allowing for easy access to the lake for swimming, fishing, or boating.

3. Endless Outdoor Activities

For those who love outdoor activities, Lake of the Ozarks is a paradise. The area is a haven for fishing enthusiasts, boasting a variety of fish species. Boating is another popular activity, with numerous rental options available. Additionally, the surrounding areas offer hiking trails, bike paths, and opportunities for bird watching and wildlife photography.

4. Family-Friendly

Lake of the Ozarks is an ideal location for family camping. Many RV parks and resorts offer additional facilities such as playgrounds, pools, and organized activities for children. The area also has several attractions like water parks, mini-golf, and cave tours, ensuring that there’s something for every family member to enjoy.

5. Year-Round Destination

Unlike many camping destinations that are seasonal, Lake of the Ozarks is a year-round destination. Each season brings its unique charm – from the vibrant greenery of spring, the sunny days of summer, the colorful foliage of fall, to the serene beauty of winter. This makes it perfect for those who enjoy exploring different aspects of nature throughout the year.


Lake of the Ozarks is not just a place to park your RV; it’s a destination that offers a complete experience. With its stunning natural beauty, variety of campsites, abundance of activities, family-friendly atmosphere, and year-round appeal, it’s clear why this location is a top choice for RV campers.

As we explore this haven through images, you’ll see just how magical Lake of the Ozarks truly is. Prepare to be captivated by the serene beauty and vibrant life of this exceptional camping destination.

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